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When one or more teeth are lost or extracted there are a number of alternatives that you could consider in order to replace them.

One of these options is to have dental implant fitted onto a crown or bridge, which can then be attached without involving neighbouring teeth. Many implants to whole dentures plus short implants for people who lack sufficient bone.

If you’re having any teeth removed before you have dental implant surgery it may be possible to put an implant straight into your tooth socket. This is known as an immediate implant. If this isn’t possible then the dentist will fit the implant after a few weeks have elapsed.


Sometimes it is necessary to leave it for several months to allow your jawbone to heal and this is known as a delayed implant.


Whatever your circumstances and preferences, talk to us and we'll make sure you get what's best - for you.


For loose lower dentures, a relatively inexpensive way of attaching dentures to implants in one day. For further information see

What does it entail?

Ask your dentist if dental implants are an option for you or if there is an alternative.

If you decide to go ahead with dental implants, it’s important to make sure that the dentist who carries out the procedure is properly trained in placing implants.


He or she should have achieved standards that have been approved by the General Dental Council.


Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist how much experience with dental implants he or she has.

What else should I know?

Once fitted, implants are permanent and, if looked after correctly, can last a lifetime. The inconvenience of dentures is therefore avoided. There is no specific maintenance to be concerned about - just clean as you would your regular teeth.

Implant dentistry - a viable alternative to dentures

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