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At Family Dental Care we believe in offering the dental treatments that you and your family need, when you need it and at a very reasonable cost.

We all need dental treatment from time to time and we know that some patients are nervous about having it so we try to deal with all of our patients with skill, patience and understanding.

If an emergency occurs, we're here for that. If you want to look after your teeth by having regular check-ups, we do that too.

We encourage everyone, from young to old, to take care of their teeth and we offer all of the support that we can to help you to achieve that.


Occasionally, however, there are things that need attention and need to be corrected in order to keep our patient's teeth in full working order.

from fillings to dentures, implants to teeth whitening, we are able to help you to stick to a healthy regime of dental care and treatment.

Total care is what we offer

It has been our policy to always try to acquire the very best in up-to-date dental treatment equipment and utilise the latest and most effective techniques when treating our patients.


We know that you will probably have questions that need answering so why not make an appointment for an initial patient examination.

Following this we will be able to give you the very best advice about how to move forward with your dental care.


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Well equipped for the job

Family Dental Care serves the Stanmore area with a range of general dental treatments and although we do try to emphasise the importance of prevention wherever possible, especially with our younger patients, we are always on hand to carry out fillings, extractions and other procedures when they become necessary.

We provide general dental services in Stanmore

General dental treatments

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