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Crown bridgework is the term used to describe what can be done to remedy the situation when one or more teeth have been lost.


The teeth on either side of the gap can be fitted with crowns which are linked together using a porcelain tooth in the gap thereby forming a 'bridge'.


In cases where a tooth is badly broken-down and is considered by the dentist to be unsuitable for a filling there is an alternative to extracting the tooth.

More about crowns

Crown bridgework is the perfect solution in many cases, but not all. To find out what is the best solution to your dental problem just give us a call and speak to one of the highly trained team.

In some cases implant dentistry is a better alternative. It's best to speak to us first so that we can give you an informed opinion.

Are dental crowns right for you?

At Family Dental Care we consider it to be our job to present our patients with solutions to specific dental problems and help them to decide which one is right for them.

Crown bridgework is ideal for those with a gap between their teeth after an extraction and if this describes you then it is an option that we should look at together.

We specialise in dental crown bridgework and other procedures

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